Refund and Cancellation Policy

1. Customer can cancel the bookings within 48 hours 

2. Customer can cancel within 24 hours with 50% refund

3. Customer can get no refund upon last minute booking cancellation

4. The booking can be cancelled due to bad weather and reschedule or refund

5. The booking can be cancelled due to technical issue and reschedule or refund

6. Upon late arrival for boarding no refund will be apply

7. if there is wrong booking date mentioned by customer and missed the tour, refund will be not proceed

8. After the tour due to any reason refund will not be apply, the issue need to resolved on the spot during the tour

9. Hello Tours LLC working as an agent and is not held responsible for any issue related to tours and excursions

10. Hello Tours LLC is not responsible for any accident, incident or any issue related to the tours