The Company

Hello Tours LLC was founded on January 7, 2020, by two young entrepreneurs driven by the ambition to serve and excel in the UAE tourism market.

Our primary objective is to offer tourists comprehensive guidance and information to ensure their experiences are both effective and efficient.

At Hello Tours LLC, we prioritize quality, commitment, and customer satisfaction. Our fundamental duty is to deliver superior services and uphold the esteemed reputation of the UAE, thereby enticing more tourists to explore the country through tours and excursions.

We are proud to collaborate with reputable suppliers who diligently cater to the needs of tourists during their journeys.


Two talented, loyal, and highly educated friends joined forces to establish a company dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and providing guidance in the travel and tours industry. Their vision was to offer customers and tourists a clear understanding of all advertised tours and excursions.

With a commitment to flexibility, Hello Tours LLC is readily available to assist customers with their inquiries through various communication channels, including email, phone calls, WhatsApp, and text messages.

Our primary goal is to prioritize quality and assurance, maintaining superior services that exceed customer expectations.


At Hello Tours LLC, we live up to our words by striving to be the leading company in online advertising, booking, payment processing, and clear communication with customers, using easily understandable languages.

Our primary focus is on promoting Dinner Dhow Cruises, offering unforgettable experiences in both Deira Dubai Creek and Marina Dubai, ensuring the ease and happiness of our customers.

Additionally, we are dedicated to promoting Desert Safari and all major tours in Dubai. We provide our valued guests, customers, tourists, and residents with comprehensive information and facilitation to ensure their experiences are truly exceptional.



Our vision at Hello Tours LLC is to become the market leader in the field of tourism, serving as educators to tourists by guiding them towards fulfilling their needs and preferences when booking tours. Our main objective is to prioritize customer happiness and satisfaction above all else. Through our commitment to excellence and dedication to understanding and meeting the diverse needs of travelers, we aim to set the standard for exceptional service in the tourism industry.

Behind the Scenes

At Hello Tours LLC, our motivated and dedicated team is constantly striving for improvements to enhance the ease of our customers' booking and tour experiences. Available around the clock, our team is committed to providing assistance and support to customers whenever needed.

With our cohesive and strong teamwork, we have the capability to effortlessly handle both FIT (Free Independent Traveler) and group bookings on a routine basis. Our collective efforts ensure seamless operations and exceptional service delivery to all our customers, reaffirming our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our business.