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Global Village ( GV ) Timings, Price

Welcome to Global Village. This multicultural extravaganza beckons visitors from around the world to embark on a journey of discovery, celebration, and entertainment unlike any other. Let’s explore what makes Global Village a cherished destination for locals and tourists alike. Eid Timings 4:00pm to 2:00am, Ticket Price 25 AED Per Head.

Welcome to Global Village — GV

Embracing Diversity

Global Village stands as a testament to Dubai’s commitment to celebrating diversity and fostering cultural exchange. Spanning over 1.6 million square feet, this open-air cultural park brings together over 90 pavilions representing more than 75 countries. Each pavilion offers a unique glimpse into the customs, cuisine, arts, and crafts of its respective nation, creating a mosaic of cultures that transcends geographical boundaries.

A World of Entertainment

Prepare to be enthralled by a kaleidoscope of entertainment options at Global Village. From live performances by international artists and cultural shows showcasing traditional dance and music to thrilling rides, games, and attractions for all ages, there’s never a dull moment here. Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping adventures or laid-back leisure, Global Village has something to delight every member of the family.

Shopping Extravaganza

Indulge in a shopping spree like no other as you explore the countless stalls and boutiques offering a diverse array of merchandise. From handcrafted souvenirs and artisanal goods to exquisite textiles, jewelry, and fashion from around the world, Global Village is a treasure trove for avid shoppers and collectors. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the bustling marketplaces, where bargaining and haggling are part of the experience.

Gastronomic Delights

Embark on a culinary journey around the globe as you savor an eclectic mix of cuisines from every corner of the world. From mouthwatering street food and authentic regional dishes to gourmet delicacies and sweet treats, Global Village tantalizes your taste buds with a feast of flavors. Whether you’re craving spicy Indian curries, savory Middle Eastern mezze, or decadent European desserts, there’s no shortage of culinary delights to satisfy your cravings.

Community Spirit

Beyond its role as a tourist destination, Global Village serves as a vibrant hub for the local community, fostering a sense of unity, camaraderie, and belonging. It provides a platform for artisans, entrepreneurs, performers, and cultural ambassadors to showcase their talents and share their heritage with a global audience. Whether you’re a resident of Dubai or a visitor from afar, Global Village welcomes you with open arms to experience the warmth and hospitality of its diverse community.

Global Village is more than just a theme park — it’s a celebration of humanity’s rich tapestry of cultures, traditions, and experiences. From its colorful pavilions and captivating performances to its bustling marketplaces and mouthwatering cuisines, Global Village offers a glimpse into the beauty and diversity of our world. So, come join the festivities, embrace the spirit of unity, and create unforgettable memories at Global Village — a true gem in the heart of Dubai.

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